For the next three weeks, until ‘the Big Day’, there will be two items a week to hopefully spark your interest.

The first post is a project – ‘IMPROV CHRISTMAS TREE BLOCK’. This is a great technique and some have found it a bit addictive. Me for instance!!

As you can see, it makes a really great wall hanging. This is my largest piece with 20 blocks. I gave 9 block wall hangings as gifts a couple of years ago and this year I am making two 4 block hangings on little wire coat hangers as gifts for my Godmothers!


These blocks are made in pairs


Two pieces of CONTRASTING FABRIC 6 1/2″ x 5″

1 1/2″ strip of brown fabric for the tree trunks

A Rotary Cutter, Ruler, Cutting Mat and an iron

Sewing Machine.

I have made a 10 minute Youtube video to show you how I make these blocks which is here:

Have a go, they really are great fun. When I had joined my blocks, I simply added a piece of backing fabric the same size and stitched the front and back together around the edge. I left a gap large enough to turn through and introduce a piece of wadding. (Make sure you stitch all four corners completely). I just quilted through the seams, but you could outline some of the trees. For a small wall hanging like this it really doesn’t need much quilting at all.

Have fun with it!

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